Photography is all about capturing light. Initially on metal plates, followed by 35mm slides, then silver oxide prints, and now in the digital age images are captured by electronic sensors. Instead of doing the magic with chemicals in a dark room, it is done with software, and only on the shots we want to keep, which can then be printed on any of a variety of mediums. My first camera was a Pentax DSLR years ago. I caught "the bug" from my mother who worked for a well known photographer in Wenatchee, WA doing the color retouching. She encouraged me to develop my skills, but the exploits of youth got in the way and I moved on to other pursuits. I always had a camera, but just taking snapshots, instead of creating art. When digital came along I was an early adopter getting started with a point and shoot. It rekindled earlier passions and I soon knew I wanted more flexibility in capturing images. Jumping in with both feet I'll never look back. Approaching the time in my life when I hope to have free time, having something about which I am truly passionate, spawns creativity, and give life focus is important. Photography fits perfectly. There is much to learn and the field is changing so quickly, I need not worry about running out of something new to excite. Being an avid outdoors person at heart, my work focuses on landscapes and nature. There is no place I would rather be than on the trail to a beautiful place ready to capture a "golden hour" (sunrise/sunset) moment. It is my deep dire to show God's creation in a way that would cause Him to say "Well done good and faithful servant" May you see Him in my work!